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We are an innovative company offering a wide variety of services with Unmanned Aerial Vehicles . We have firm base of specialized equipment, knowledge and an experienced crew. We make use of the latest technology and are constantly transforming and progressing, thereby allowing us to provide our customers with the best in class service. Startflying Solutions operates according to stringent safety standards and ensures delivery of high quality products and services.


Our Services

Drone Pilot Training

We are able to offer you more affordable trainings, more options, more expert pilots, so you can be sure to get the training you need, when you need it, where you need it, and at a price you need.


Integrate aerial data in your projects and benefit from powerful insight. Our team can deliver a variety of data for any given construction site ranging from aerial imagery, 2D high resolution mosaics, 3D models.

Transmission Line Inspection

Power and its continual supply is the backbone for the uninterrupted growth of Indian economy. Any faulty handling of this resource can severely hamper the smooth functioning of the major sectors.

Tower Inspection

Our Tower inspection follows two approaches to survey. First one is our package and second is customized solution (any special requirements). check out extra resistance parts, rusting of metals, electric joints failure, circuit break, birds, crakes etc.

Industries surveillance and inspection.

UAVs are revolutionizing the inspection industry. The impact of unmanned aerial automated drone inspections is making big waves in asset management as well as in different sectors.

Drone Delivery

A delivery drone is an Unmanned Ariel Vehicle (UAV) used to transport packages, medical supplies, food, or other goods. Delivery drones are typically Autonomous.

Agriculture crop spraying and crop health monitoring.

Drone technology has left a long-lasting impact on the Agriculture industry of India and its efficiency. We present drone-powered solutions to farmers to increase productivity in crop monitoring to planting, Livestock Management, Pesticide Spraying, Crop Stress identification, Treatment Planning, Plant Growth Monitoring, Precision Farming, Scouting and much more.

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  • Become a More Skilled and Knowledgeable Pilot.
  • Drone Training Makes you a more appealing employee.
  • You'll become familiar with drone laws.
  • It could be a serious asset to your small business.

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Highway Mapping & Inspection


Transmission Power

Agriculture Drone

Autonomous Delivery Robot

Top 10 Drone Startup Award

Agriculture Drone

Thermal inspection of Plant

Aerial Views of Thermal Plants

Insights into Power Generation

DEM Models

Drones and Industrial Progress

Night View of Plant

3D Model

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